The Long Awaited Team Leader’s Stories

Good morning friends!

I apologize again for the delay in getting our team leader’s stories to you. Internet was extremely spotty where we were and posts were unfortunately not possible last night. But the time has finally come!! Our team leader’s stories! It’s been a wonderful week in eSwatini and we are about to depart on our 16-17ish hour flight to Atlanta before catching another flight back home to Salt Lake. We are exhausted, somewhat sunburnt, but with full hearts and full minds and a lot to process as we head home. Here is a snippet of some of that for you to start getting an idea of where our team leaders are at least at. I’m sure you will hear the rest of the stories in time.

Here is the combination story from Derek and Brian:

Blog post:

  • Team recognition: Taking a team of individuals to the other side of the world brings up ‘opportunities’ where every person may not see eye to eye. After long days in a different country and different culture there inevitably comes a point where it’s very easy to think of yourself first, in some way. We’ve been very thankful to have a group that has acted and spoken with servants hearts. This has had such an impact on our ability to lead and to enjoy every moment.


  • Greater appreciation for the providers

The fact that you are reading this means there is a good chance you’re aware that there are more than 200 children we help support at Mkhombokati.  That’s at just our CarePoint.  There are 40 CarePoints in eSwatini where roughly 8,000 children are cared for.  That takes a small army of caring providers.  From missionaries to shepherds (the young Swati’s who run each of the CarePoints), to the Swati grandmothers, or Bomake, who cook each day for the children.

This trip provided a unique opportunity to empower the shepherds through the medical conference.  As our ministry partnership continues to grow we (Capital) are gaining greater understanding for how valuable our role can be in encouraging and supporting every one of these individuals.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds.”

Hebrews 10:24


Encouragement, it can be an easy thing to do, but I’m not sure any of us realized just how much weight it can carry.

Please pray for our Missionaries, the Shepherds, the CarePoint Coordinators (CPC’s – a new position held by young Swati’s), and the Bomake.  It’s still hard for us to grasp how much each of these individuals is giving of themselves in order to serve.

One way you could be praying for the shepherds is for the emotional weight they carry. Many of these young Swati’s are the counselors for the children they serve at each CarePoint.  They know these kids stories, they know their pain, but that doesn’t mean they can do much, if anything, to change the home life for every child.  That is a heavy weight to carry home each night.  Please pray for the shepherds that they are not discouraged, but encouraged knowing they are positively impacting lives for Christ as they serve at the CarePoints.


Encouragement to Sponsors.

We aren’t sure how to say this correctly and emphasize it enough.  If you sponsor a child, if you have a special friend… Write Them!  Include pictures of yourself and of your family. Encourage them.  You literally have NO IDEA how great an impact you may have on that child’s life by doing something that seems so simple.  For them to hear that they are loved, to know someone is praying for them, to feel valued means the world to them.  You have that capability.  Don’t take it lightly.


We want to thank you all for following along with us this week and for all your continued prayers. They did not go unheard. The bibles you signed for the children meant a lot to them and being able to see their faces when receiving a bible from their special friend and seeing a message from you meant even more. So, please, continue writing those messages and sending those letters and pictures and small presents. They may seem small and insignificant to you, but they mean the world to them.

In closing, here is a picture with the team and the bomake, our carepoint shepherd, Wilile, and our carepoint Coordinator, Celiwe on our last day at the carepoint. Please enjoy it. This was a very unique trip in many ways and we are excited to see how God uses this trip and others in the future to further his kingdom.









Grace and Peace!

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