Persevering Through it All

Good morning friends! We have finished out day two at the Carepoint and day four here in eSwatini. It went wonderfully, again. We also finished day two of working with Amy McAdams and Labaligugu, Brandi was able to see four children and Chaliece was able to see one with Brandi, more details to come on that tomorrow.

Today we will be sharing stories from Alyssa, one of our first timers, and Danielle, one of our returners. Both are nurses that came on the trip this year.

Here is Alyssa’s story:

I grew up going to church, seeing people going on international trips, and hearing their stories. I always knew I wanted to go on and felt the pull, but timing never worked out. 

Since attending capital, every time a team goes to eSwatini or we hear about their trip, my heart yearned to go and found my self in tears. I have always had a passion for helping others, especially when it comes to children.

This year, god paved the way wide open for me. I am a nurse and have the medical knowledge I can bring to the table. I was easily able to take the time off work, …


On the second day I taught the asthma section. It was amazing to see how eager everyone was to learn. The questions after asthma teaching showed they understood and wanted to know how to better care for people with asthma. 


There are no words for the carepoint, it is amazing, incredible, loving, and full of fantastic staff!! The kids just want to be held, loved, and payed attention to. 

I wish I had 8 arms to be able to carry and hold hands with more of the kids! 

Here is Danielle’s story:

Some might ask why go to eSwatini or why return to eSwatini?

Why spend so much money, vacation time, and travel a day and a half around the world for a week with Swati people, only to leave shortly thereafter. What impact does it make? Does it do more harm than good? My first trip to Swaziland was 5 years ago, in 2013. I felt led to come back this year for so many reasons. But the main reason was what I experienced at the Carepoint yesterday and today.

Yesterday and today, I got to see and experience the legacy of love, enduring love that has been poured out over the years and is making a huge impact in the lives of these kids, their families, the community. For example, Welile is the current Shepherd at our Carepoint. 5 years ago she was still a sponsored kid; she was actually one of the first sponsored kids at our Carepoint. And now she is in her first year of being a Shepherd and wants to be a nurse when she is done. I heard about the different team projects each year with Capital updates. But yesterday and today I got to play for hours with kids on the monkey bars and slides that were on the playground that the June 2017 Team helped to build and saw the mobile computer lab that the June 2018 Team helped put together, being used by Swazi kids that were learning how to type. And spent hours on the leveled out field playing futbol with the boys. And yesterday, 2 of the kids I was holding, were so trusting of me, they fell asleep in my arms. These were not little kids either, 7 and 9 year old boys, but they felt so comfortable and loved because of so many teams and attention from over the years, they knew we were safe and could be at peace and rest in our arms.

Yesterday I met my special friend for the first time. She is a 9 year old girl, and she had the biggest smile on her face as she and her friends kept looking at my name tag and me and then pointing to her name tag with my name on it as well. Unfortunately shortly after meeting her, she fell and scraped the palm of her hand. I was able to clean up her scrape and use the supplies from the first aid kit that we filled this past Tuesday and put bacitracin and a bandaid on her to keep her scrape clean. In the process of this, another girl around her age said I need to look at her friends arm. Her friend had a large abscess near her elbow that no one would have known. But because of a small scrape, we learned of a serious condition that needed to be addressed. Today, with Erin, our team doctor, I helped to assist in draining out the pus from her abscess so her arm could heal properly without infection. She was scared and afraid even though we had some lidocaine to numb her arm. But after being able to pray with her about her fears, she calmed down and I was able to hold her hand and Erin was able to do what she needed to and then bandaged up her arm.

The word for one of our team devotionals today was Persevering. God’s persevering, Hessed love. This is what is leaving a lasting impact and why it is so worth it to invest and to come and to give. Persevering love is intentional, relational and is what lasts and brings hope to these kids when many of them do not grow up with parents who tell them they are loved and valued. On average 1 Swati supports 13 other Swatis. It is the pereserving love of God for each of these kids, through special friends, through tangible love shown by each team member, through the Bomake and Shepherd feeding them and teaching them about God. That is was gives them hope and leaves an amazing impact. Welile, the Shepherd, said that she wants to pour into these kids what was poured into her, so much care and love poured into her from all the years she herself was taken care of and loved at a Carepoint. How beautiful and what a privilege has it been this week to see these kids survive and thrive from love from so many of you at Capital.

Thank you for everyone who has a special friend, who has given time, money, and energy into this ministry, and gone on these trips. These kids do remember and experience your love for them, ask about you all the time, and have so much love, hugs, tags, smiles, and laughter to send your way. You matter to them so much more than you can realize, more than I realized. And for those of you who have never been or come here only once, you’ll just have to come and experience all this for yourselves. Because there is a ton of love to go around and you are filled to overflowing and then some.

Grace and Peace!

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