Well, here we are.  Less than a day away and we will be on an airplane to Swaziland, Africa!  We are so very excited and want to thank you, Capital Church for the great send-off in SLC and PC!!

Capital Church send-off for Swazi Team


If you were at one of the four services, you may have already heard that one of the big physical projects we have planned is the building of a playground!  I am so very excited and grateful for this.  It means that our Swazi kiddos will have a fun and very safe place to come and play.

Thank you again, Capital and everyone who helped to achieve this, those who donated supplies, who made love cards, scarves and beanie hats, and those who helped support members of our team and so much more.  We are so grateful for all of you.

Also if you came to one of the send-off services, you learned how to say, “I love you” in Siswati (Ngiyakutsandza).  Now we would really like to say, Ngiyabonga! (Thank You!)

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