It Takes a Village

13 people are boarding a plane on June 9, 2017, to go to Swaziland, but there’s nothing less than a small army of people who make that possible, and we are so grateful.

children fundraising for Swaziland, Africa
Take a look at these kiddos! They sold bottled water at a slight markup to raise money for the team (and because they’re honest, they disclosed that on their signs).

If you have donated to one of our team members, THANK YOU.

If you have given a tube of toothpaste or a pair of socks or a box of crayons or a board game, THANK YOU.

If you came out to make cards for your special friend, we are so blessed to be able to deliver those for you. THANK YOU.

If you are praying for our team members, the missionaries in Swaziland, the shepherds and bomake who take care of the kids, and the kids at the carepoint, your prayers mean so much. THANK YOU.

Not everyone is in a position to get on a plane, but it takes ALL of us to get a mission team ready to go and to support it on the ground. Thank you, Capital, for everything you do at Mkhombokati!
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