Getting Ready!

Our first full day on the African continent has come to an end, just as our friends back at home are barely finishing up with Capital for the weekend services. It seems strange to be writing this at 9 pm on Sunday when it’s only 1 back home!


Sasha and Paul relaxing before hitting the road again

We drove today from Johannesburg to the world’s quirkiest and most fun truck stop (Alzu, about at the midway point between the airport and the border with Swaziland), then from there on to the border crossing, then a brief stop at Ngwenya Glass to stretch our legs, and then on to Manzini.


It felt good to unload those 35 checked bags from our trailer and put our roots down at Sunset Palms, the guest house where our team is staying.


Swazi17 unpacking checked bagsWe were so excited to see Brandon and Melinda Babb and their adorable little man, Zachary, who kept us entertained while we settled in. They did a great job helping the team get used to the cultural differences we’re going to encounter when we get to the carepoint tomorrow. There’s a lot to remember, but it all boils down to being respectful of the people we are here to serve.


We’ve been told our playground is now at Mkhombokati, waiting for us to begin the work of putting it together (with a little help from our Swazi friends – OK, a lot of help from our Swazi friends). It’ll be a packed day, but we’re so excited to be Capital’s hands and feet on the ground with these kids.


Sala kahle (stay well)!



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