Fun Day Update

Good morning friends!

We have made it to Kruger National Park. As promised I will be sharing pictures from Fun Day that we had with the children yesterday, once I am able to upload them. Sadly, you will have to wait one more day for stories from our fearless leaders, they weren’t quite ready to share their stories yet, they are still in the process of getting their thoughts in order, but those stories are still coming. Tomorrow. I promise. For tonight, I will just leave you with wonderful little stories from Fun Day.

Along with the Sports for Christ Ministry that AIM has in eSwatini, we were able to have a bounce house for the younger children and do an obstacle course, using chalk drawn out on the basketball court. Derek and Brian looked awesome running around on the court showing the children how to do the obstacle course, then standing at the finish line to catch them. There were also other team-like games that the older children got to do, including a game that had music were the children would go into the middle and jump out and if they were in the middle when the music stopped and they got caught, they lost.

I apologize for not having pictures, but we were sadly unable to load them tonight.

I’m going to head to bed, 5:00 AM comes awful early for someone who relies on coffee to function on a regular day. We will see you back here tomorrow, hopefully with some pictures.

Grace and Peace!

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