Day One For Fall 2018 Trip

Good morning everyone back home! It’s afternoon here in eSwatini! We have kicked off the first part of our two day medical conference and it’s off to a wonderful start! We will be doing things slightly different this year. While we will still be doing updates about the trip itself (as we can), we are also doing stories about some of our team members regarding why they chose to come in this trip, what got them here and now that they are here, how they see that God has chosen to use them.
Today we have stories from John and Greg.
Here is John’s story:
My wonderful wife 😉 and I have been partners with the capital swazi team since the beginning of our thirteen year marriage. Our first friend was a teenage boy named Cicelo, who after a few years aged out of the program. Next we had Mandla, and for the past couple of years our friend has been Prince. It has been great seeing them grow through the pictures and letters as the Mhkombokati carpoint also develops. We remember pictures of the tree the bomakes originally cooked under; fund drives for the well, buildings,playground, etc; and as a church, it has been awesome to send off the Babbs to plug in as full time missionaries. I have wanted to make this partnership personal for a long time and join in serving on the ground, but with growing kids, now 7 and 9, and an evermore hectic life schedule it just doesn’t make sense, at least for the next decade. We love the partnership Capital has in Eswatini but my logic could not figure out what it has to do with me. This year though a couple urgings spoke to me. I started considering how to make it work, and stopped justifying why it couldn’t. I am being more deliberate with my priorities, and considering how to invest my talents not just where it makes sense, but where I am called to. I am trying to listen closer. There is never a perfect time, but when you hear the spirit’s urging, you can be certain all things will be perfect in Him. I’m so glad that I was able to find that mindset and hear his calling. I also glad that I am here. I don’t know what will happen on this trip but I know that it will good, because God is good.
Here is Greg’s story:
Maybe I Could Paint
While attending Capital Church I heard about Swaziland/eSwatini mission trips every year and they sounded interesting. But I had never been on a mission trip and wasn’t sure what I could offer since I wasn’t a teacher or doctor and didn’t really think of myself as a “missionary type” person. Since retiring a few months past, I had been trying to develop an “outward” focus – being sensitive to the needs of others and how I might be a blessing to someone each day, so I was warming up to the idea of going on a mission trip. I had been keeping busy painting the interior of our home, so “maybe I could paint” came to mind when thinking about what I could contribute to a mission team. When the Fall 2018 mission trip was announced, men in particular were encouraged to apply. With the only qualification “being male”, and since I was both “needed” and “qualified”, I felt like now was the time to attend an eSwatini informational meeting to find out more. As I started interacting with other team members, I began to see that it wasn’t so much about my resume, but about my life experience as a believer in Christ, my heart for people, and my desire to be caught up in a great work God is doing in and through His body of believers at Capital Church. As the team prepared, I felt a sense of both excitement and unity, it just seemed like we would be a team that would work well together. And I felt like everyone was pretty chill. Today is still only day one at the AIM office, this new “outward” focus feels really good and I’m excited to see what God does the rest of the week and how He will stretch us.
Check back in with us as we will be sharing more soon as we can. 
Please enjoy some pictures from Day one of our medical conference. 
We are so excited for tomorrow to see how the rest of the medical training finishes out. The shepherds are so excited to be learning all of the medical knowledge that Erin has prepared for them. More information to come on this in the next few days as well. Keep an eye out for these updates.
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