Building a Playground

Words fail us when it comes to trying to describe what it was like to be a part of the playground raising at Mkhombokati. As Tara wrote, the entire CarePoint went through quite a face lift last week. All of the buildings got a fresh coat (in some cases, several fresh coats) of bright green paint. The preschool building was transformed on the inside as well. But part of the reason the team of 13 from Capital was able to get so much of that accomplished was because of the support from the community around Mkhomobokati who turned out to help make the playground a reality.

It was almost overwhelming on that first day when we saw the piles of playground parts spread out on the floor of the multi-purpose building – like, what on earth did we get ourselves into? But then we saw all the people who showed up to help. And each day, more and more got done.

Capital’s work over the last ten years at Mkhombokati has been about building a relationship. We don’t want to just be the people who swoop down and donate stuff and are never seen again. We want to help Mkhombokati and its people progress from survival to thriving, and part of that means building long-term relationships with them. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in the work that happened at the CarePoint – as parents of children at Mkhombokati and neighbors who live in the area turned out to pick up paint brushes, dig holes, lift poles and beams and otherwise take ownership of this place.

We’ve come a long way in ten years, and so have the people who call Mkhombokati home. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next ten years!

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