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Highlights of Today

Day 2 at Mkhombokati CarePoint is in the books as another success! Each night, the team shares their highlight and their lowlight of the day with each other. Tonight, we thought we would share today’s highlights with you.

Becky – It’s so hard not to be humbled in the presence of what God is doing at Mkhombokati. Today, we painted benches, helped preschoolers color, sang songs, danced dances, took pictures and watched the simple joy of children who have nothing being truly grateful for something as simple as a blanket and a letter from a sponsor. I can’t imagine any child at Mkhombokati complaining of boredom or that they got the wrong color cup. Instead, these kids fight over who gets to sit on my lap and play with my sunglasses. And really, what is more important than offering them our time and attention? I kept thinking of the Proverb that says “train up a child in the way he should go, and he will not soon depart from it.” What Capital is doing here is evident in every face.

Catherine – The highlight and lowlight of today for me was the same moment. I was talking with two girls that were about 13 years old. They both pulled out their name tags and asked me if their “special friend” (sponsor) was here. Neither of their sponsors were here with us, nor had they ever visited Swaziland before. It was incredible to realize that these kids really consider us a significant part of their life. On the other hand, it broke my heart to see the excitement and anticipation on their face in hopes of meeting their “special friend” from the U.S. only to realize they weren’t here. It isn’t feasible for many of us to travel half way across the world to Swaziland. However, sending a simple message to these kids is so easy! I never realized how meaningful it is to these little children to know that someone cares about them — even someone they have never met before.

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The Joys of a Special Friend

A sly smile peeks out as I open the envelope. A giggle as they see the picture. A full laugh as they recognize the person in the picture – and that person is you, their Special Friend. Today I had the opportunity to hand out the cards that many of you wrote to your Special Friends at Mkhombokati. I wish each of you could have seen the joy you brought to the faces of your Special Friends by sending a picture and a note to them. They LOVE hearing from you and seeing your picture! As I walked around the CarePoint after the distribution, I saw several kids showing their cards to their friends, comparing pictures and talking about the notes inside. A few words of encouragement go so far in the lives of these children. If you were unable to send a note and a picture with the team, please take a few minutes to write to your child at

Today was a whirlwind at the CarePoint. Two tire swings were hung, four benches were built, hundreds of cards and t-shirts were handed out and endless hugs, high fives and hellos were exchanged. The joy these children have is overwhelming. The team jumped in excitedly and began to forge new relationships and rekindle already established ones. It was so great to greet the bomage and Swazi staff that I have worked with in years past. And to see the growth of the kids in the two years since I’ve been to Mkhombokati was astonishing. It was a crazy busy day but one that will always be remembered in my mind and heart.

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Meeting Lindo

I never thought I’d find myself being ministered to by someone more than 10 years younger. But today, I met Lindo. She is a shepherd at one of the care points in Swaziland, just helping our team today at Mkhombokati.

Lindo is quiet and shy – unless she’s working to corral preschoolers! She opened up to me after a few minutes, though, and she shared with me her favorite Bible verse, Isaiah 41:10, which reads, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

This is a young woman who has nothing, and yet who is grateful for everything she has. She lost her parents at a young age, and yet she told me she has always known she has a father in heaven who loves her and considers her his precious daughter, and he is enough. She doesn’t know yet what he has in store for her – but she knows he has a plan for her and she is willing to follow him.

Lindo told me she tries always to have a spirit of praise, because of that love.

This is a shepherd – a Swazi who grew up at a care point, went on to the Swazi Leadership Academy, and is now giving back to other young people. This is what Capital’s support over the years has done.

God is GOOD.



Tomorrow is the Day!

The team has made it to their hotel in Swaziland with no problems.  We have spent some time getting to know each other, as well as the local staff and culture. Tomorrow is the day we have been getting ready for since November – the first day at Mkhombokati Care Point! We are all feeling an array of emotions as we get ready to love on the kids that God has put on our hearts. Please continue to pray for our safety and that God’s work will be done in this wonderful place.


Grace and Peace,

-Amber, Jamie, Jaron, Jason, Lori, Becky, and Catherine


The Eagle has Landed!

The 2015 Swaziland Mission Team has arrived safely in Johannesburg. It was a long flight, but we are relieved to be on the ground and to start our work in Swaziland tomorrow! We have met up with local mission members and everything is on schedule for our departure to Swaziland. We are excited and will keep you all updated!

– Amber, Jaron, Jamie, Jason, Lori, Catherine, and Becky


Packing Day 2015

The 2015 Capital Swaziland mission team met on Saturday morning to pack all of our checked bags that we will be taking with us on our trip.

The team packed 16 fifty pound bags that we will be taking to the care point. The bags contain school supplies and notebooks for the kids, a t-shirt for each child and staff member, supplies for the bomages, soccer balls and games, and more.

All of the team members are excited that the trip is almost here. The last few months have flown by and we can’t believe in 13 days we’ll be getting on a plane for Africa. Please continue praying for the team as we enter our final preparations (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) over the next 12 days. Pastor Troy will be praying over the team at all 3 services next weekend (May 16 and 17) at Capital Church as part of the mission trip send off.

Enjoy a few photos from packing day and of the team.

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Meet the 2015 Team

In 2007, Capital Church partnered with Children’s HopeChest and became the official partner of the Mkhombokati CarePoint in Swaziland, Africa.  This is Capital Church’s 8th trip to Mkhombokati.  Meet the 2015 team and learn a little bit about them. Read More »

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