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Happy Thursday eSwatini Community! Sorry about the delay, it’s been a busy week! We have two more of our wonderful Fall Team to introduce you to today! This week we have Danielle and Shelli.


Danielle is the middle of three daughters. She was raised in Holladay, Utah. Danielle has always had a passion for serving others. She went to Westminster College, playing soccer while getting her nursing degree. She has worked at St. Mark’s Hospital for the past 6.5 years as a full time nurse on a medical surgical unit. She also enjoys going on mission trips whenever she can.

Danielle recently, in the beginning of August, got back from a medical mission trip to Guatemala. She has been on 5 other mission trips and one of those was to Swaziland back in 2013. One of the main reasons Danielle enjoys mission trips so much is because seeing and experiencing God in a variety of different people and cultures, getting to be a part of His Kingdom coming to this Earth, and experiencing Him growing and transforming herself in the process, is such an incredible joy it is hard to put into words!

In her free time, Danielle enjoys hanging out with family and friends, country swing dancing, rock climbing, playing ultimate frisbee, hiking, playing volleyball and soccer, baking, and singing. She also enjoys reading a good book, camping, game nights, worship nights, trying new things, and traveling. Danielle has been to 6 continents thus far. And hopes to one day go to Antarctica.

Shelli Johnson

I have been attending Capital Church since 2006. I began coming to Capital Church as a student at University of Utah, while attending weekly Campus Crusade for Christ meetings.

I currently work as a Registered Nurse in Labor & Delivery & Mom Baby at Intermountain Healthcare. I love working with children and babies and have learned some of the most profound lessons of resilience and courage from some of the smallest of people.

I am beyond blessed to have 3 amazing men in my life!: My husband and two sons. I married my husband, Kelly in 2007 and together we have Noah (9 years) and Brooks (3 years). We also have a sweet GIANT Yellow Lab named Sadie. If I get a spare second, I love to run and bike. I enjoy gardening and being outside. I also love to ride horses, go hiking and rock-climbing, watch my boys play soccer, travel and read. I have had the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion & Education from University of Utah and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Westminster College.

God initially placed on my heart a love for Swaziland and the children of Mkhombokati Carepoint in 2008 when Kelly and I began sponsoring our “special friend” Menzi. I had the life-changing opportunity to be a part of the 2013 Swazi Team and meet Menzi for the first time. That trip opened my eyes to how much God is moving and growing in this country. God has consistently challenged me to not strive for comfort. He has asked me to chase after adventure, to do hard things even if it means stretching my “bubble” and to love and care for His people with reckless abandon.

This will be my third time returning to Swaziland. Mkhombokati Carepoint has grown and changed significantly since my first time setting foot onto its soil. I look forward to hugging each of the children, shepherds, and bomake (women who cook for the children). I also look forward to working with my teammates to provide medical education and assist in continuing to promote a healthy lifestyle for the adults and children of Mkhombokati.


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